VetSurvey 2018, the second edition of the FVE Survey of the Veterinary Profession in Europe

The FVE (Federation of Veterinarians of Europe), with the support of MSD Animal Health EURAM, is carrying out the second edition of VetSurvey, a study about the veterinary profession in Europe.

The purpose of this study is to thoroughly assess many aspects of the veterinary profession in Europe such as statistics about demographics, job market and financial indicators which help the FVE to understand the current situation of the veterinary profession and which actions could help us to improve and shape the future of the sector.

The previous edition gathered the answers of over 13,000 veterinarians from 24 countries. Although it revealed a number of interesting findings, to carry on deepening the knowledge of the veterinary profession in Europe, please keep in mind your cooperation is very important. This survey will help not only you and your future as a veterinary professional but also the next generations’

The survey will only take 10-15 minutes to complete. Please complete the survey by accessing the link below:

  Once the questionnaire is opened, a personal code is added at the end of the link. Every participant can pause and resume the survey by saving this personal link. If you publish one of these personal links the questionnaire will not work correctly. PLEASE, DO NOT COPY THE LINK FROM ANY BROWSER USE ALWAYS THE ORIGINAL LINK ABOVE  


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